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The 7 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire

The 7 Secrets to Successful Skip Hire

Our research implies that there are over 17 million skips hired in great britain every year for domestic use ! That is a lot of dumpsters and in case you have ever looked in Yellow Pages you will see that we have lots of dumpster companies out there to choose from without any actual way of knowing the type of service you are going to get before it turns up!

Chances are you will experienced a good encounter with a professional, licensed waste collector with no hassles or grief if, like us, you've ever hired a dumpster.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you called more than one company before you actually hired a skip you may have found that a number of them:

- will not quote prices over the telephone

- will simply take cash payments to the driver

You might have even had a poor experience where the motorist has refused to take away your dumpster without throwing a few of the rubbish back in your garden, demanded more cash before taking it away, damaged your property by poor handling of their wagon and also the skip...


1. How can I tell which skip businesses in the Yellow Pages are the ones that are great?

You can't unless the firm is personally known by you.

Skip businesses aren't actually regulated at the period of writing.

The poor ones are merely cowboys that regularly fly-point your waste and for that reason enhance your council tax Skip Hire Baldock bill - cos the council really are the people who must clean up it! That is our tax money!)

Are you aware? "Every 35 seconds, somebody, somewhere is fly tipping in the UK"

2. Why do dumpsters cost so much money?

No-one is pretending skip hire is inexpensive, but think about the overheads involved:

Jump Wagon GBP35,000

Dumpsters GBP500/each for standard builderskip

Public Liability GBP1250/year per vehicle

Employer's Obligation GBP1250/year per vehicle

Bypass Wagon motorist GBP25,000/year

Fuel GBP20,000/year

Office staff GBP18,000/year per member of staff

Landfill taxes GBP18/short ton increasing until 2010 where it will stand at GBP35 every year by GBP3 /ton

Recycling costs Price of purchasing shredders, trommels, weighbridges, deciding stations etc - GBPmillions

Shortly adds up does not it? Removing waste isn't a business that is cheap, but it needs to go somewhere!

3. Why isn't my skip dropped off and picked up when I ask for it?

This really isn't consistently the skip company's fault - too many folks do not understand that hiring a dumpster is not like calling a taxi. Only consider what enters the average skip lorry driver's day - it is heavy haulage we're talking about here, and lots of things can FAIL on a pick-up or drop off that will slow down the whole day's program, such as a customer placing toxic waste in a dumpster, overfilling it, or the driver being given wrong drop off details with a customer.

We publish a national trade magazine for the business called "The Skip" (www.theskip.net) and through this we're pushing for more skip companies to integrate new technology like Vehicle Tracking to boost delivery programs and take up of the type of improvement is raising all of the time.

Because it is seldom a case of intentionally poor customer service in the meantime, you should not be impatient waiting for the skip.

4. If the rubbish is simply over the fill line why won't they take the skip away?

It is not the dumpster driver being excessive - it's the law! They may be legally bound not to carry dangerous loads and sadly lots of people purchase skips that are smaller than they have to have in order to save a couple of quid. Our guidance - arrangement a larger dumpster than you believe you desire because you'll always fill it - simply do not go over the line!

5. What really occurs to my rubbish when they take it away?

You need to be, if you are not asking this question. Landfill space in the UK is running out rapidly. It is estimated that there will be essentially no landfill space and also the landfill taxes are raising that every year, waste management companies must cover. The best dumpster companies are investing heavily into new plant and technology to the point that many are recycling over 90%! Using all these companies will eventually reduce prices and massively increase recycling rates - something we should all be interested in.

The bottom line is - the more economical the dumpster, the not as likely it is that the waste is being responsibly managed.

6. Why will not my local tell me costs over the telephone or even skip company take a credit card?

That is mainly a historical thing. Most skip hire firms have evolved from demolition and building businesses over the previous 25 years, along with the conventional way they do business is either by issuing invoices or cash -in hand!

7. Why do I get quoted so numerous prices for the exact same service from different companies?

The solution 's in the question - you don't get the same service from different firms! You get distinct levels of service from different firms. Most of the time, you get everything you pay for. When you have had a negative experience, you will wonder whether it truly was worth saving GBP20 by going together with the cheapest you could find.

Plus there are other factors including skip license prices. All skip businesses are supposed to let you know that you need a permit when the skip is to be on a public highway. These permits are provided by the neighborhood council - occasionally the firm by law needs to sort it out for you, there are times when you'll have to go direct to the council yourself.

The variances in dumpster license cost across the UK are staggering - them charge nothing and issue the same day, some charge GBP70 and make you wait before issuing.

It's your responsibility. You now know pretty much everything needed to make an informed choice about which bypass hire company to use.

In case you would like all the guesswork taken out of the work plus a guarantee of:

a dedication to recycle at least 70% of waste along with responsible waste management accumulated

totally online published prices

{- a freephone number so it will not cost service

{- responsible service amounts

- fixed, secure payment system

- full UK-wide you to enquire about anything

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