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Company Website Design Preparation and Planning

Business Website Design Preparation and Planning

A website is an ad that is international, hence company website design training and planning asks a combination of several skills: business acumen, visualization, advertising knowledge, ingenuity, technical know how, etc. Expecting to be excused by critics, I might dare to compare the entire website design process with "wine making" which calls for planning, gathering the choicest grapes, fermenting, maturing, bottling, marketing and selling the item. The internal satisfaction felt by way of a wine maker when he watches the wine mature before his eyes is not dissimilar to the delight felt by way of a web designer when he observes his endeavor evolve.

"Groundwork is half the game" in almost every section of life and totally planning a website design is totally essential because of its success. Having been in the business for quite a while, frequently I've discovered that web designers spend some time finding competitor sites & template theories and then instantly start making the home page. This is a frivolous, just presentational approach that does not reveal the web architect business day in a good light. In this article we shall examine some significant measures of planning and website design groundwork that can result in an international standard, user-oriented company site.

1. (Warren Buffett time) The CEO perspective: connect to their CEO and Read the information / material of the company / advertising head to get an understanding of web site design demands and their company. Create what I call a "CEO sheet" and note down the information they give you. What exactly does the company want to achieve through the website? Which ideas, services or products do they want to emphasize? What about customer focus and the company's brand image? Naturally a CEO would think about company, more company, yet more company. While understanding the company perspective of the company's remember the consumers who permit the company to exist. Your website design planning should focus on building an enduring business through the internet site, not just accelerated fortune.

2. (David Ogilvy time) The Marketing perspective: Mental gymnastics is effortful but for those who are in possession of a strong imagination you will have the ability to perceive many focus areas of the business's advertising department. When possible, meet the Advertising Head. When the firm does not have a committed PR / advertising department attempt shifting the questions in the CEO sheet from "what/which" type to "how"? Believe HOW you may make use of the website design to boost comprehension of most significant products, the way to create a standing that is good, the way to improve customer perception etc.? Get advice or think up punch lines that reach the customer, banner ads that catch the eye, special offers etc. Take note of all of this on the second website design preparation sheet - "Marketing Aims Sheet".

3. Assess (not view) design and functionality of adversary sites to assess their weaknesses and strengths. Create a table with features as challenger names and rows . Then write down your views about each attribute in the applicable boxes.

4. You also understand what your site will be competing against. Imagination is the real measure of mind. Dream languidly or fantasize about your website design till you start to feel the delight that indicates you're getting close to finishing your website design prep.

5. (Common Man Time) Be thy customer: This could very well be the single most important aspect in planning and website design groundwork. Customers' website experiences not affect brand satisfaction but also translates into sales. Envision that you go to the site that you've emotionally visualized. Can you feel with your website's colors, usability, functionality, personalization, amount of detail, aesthetics, speed and security?

6. It is time now to amalgamate the mental imagery more concretely. I have frequently stressed upon website designers to draw their theories on paper before starting their preferred editing software, with colored pencils. It enables free expression without constraining your suggestions to tool limitations. Draw, refine and redraw your notion. Check with the Advertising CEO and Competitive Analysis sheets often. Cease only if you are satisfied that all the mental exercise you've done in the above mentioned measures is well represented in your drawing. Now consider the internet designing tools you will want yourself and consult your web programming team regarding databases, scripts along with other technical requirements of the site. I strongly propose discovering alternate approaches or expanding understanding of tools rather than completely distorting your theory that is drawn due to software restrictions. The solution will present itself, if you strive hard enough.

7. (Sherlock Holmes Time) Resign: Sherlock himself did play the violin at strange hours and was intensely attentive to the ability of detachment. A well-rested free head is a potent weapon. Give up all ideas related to website designing for a little while and do something different. Following a short break that is absolute start designing your site.

Names of some famous people have been mentioned above for a rationale. The astute website designer can read about them or on a vacation to acquire insights into necessary perspectives.

Talent fuels fire. Strange are the neuron pathways. The conscious and sub aware are both far more strong than we comprehend. You will pleasantly surprise yourself when sometimes the whole website design planning takes a few hours. One last word: Remember when your creation is complete, to savor and cherish it.

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